Aspire to be the very best!


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Finally! I’ve miraculously found a little time to update you on recent thoughts and events. (Although admittedly it’s midnight) :0/ So firstly, a thousand apologies…

More recently I’ve been contemplating the capabilities and aspirations of many people around me. I meet so many people from varying backgrounds, and sadly most of the time it appears that they are not reaching the height of their capabilities, or more importantly having aspirations to do so.

I strongly believe that whoever you are, regardless of how intelligent you may be or how talented, should strive to be the best that you are capable of being.

From academia and building on skills, to general mannerisms and a regard for those around you; by making a point of aspiring to be the best that you can be in that area will not only give you greater fulfilment, but boost your confidence, assertiveness and in turn make life much brighter and alleviate a worryingly increased chance of depression.

For example, simply smiling at a passing stranger can often be infectious, leading to a smiling nation or so I hope. Using the same principle, the effects are mammoth on those around us when making a bigger effort to achieve more. Whether you help someone with their shopping or go back to college to retrain; it all has a positive effect on those around us in some way. And obviously the bigger effort you make in everyday life has a much bigger impact on others.

So consider spending a little time reflecting on your aspirations or goals in life, and don’t waste any more time pondering, get out there and do it! Be brave, you really have nothing to lose.

Suzi Snake….

Slithering slowly through the field,

Suzi snake searched for her meal.

Cold and dark with sad little eyes,

She didn’t know of her surprise.

Today was Sunday, September the 6th,

Suzi’s friends had granted her wish.

She slid through the trees, low to the ground,

But Oh! Oh! Oh! What had Suzi found?

A small furry mouse had climbed through a hole,

But Suzi was too slow, so she searched for a mole.

She carried on for hours and hours,

Slipping through trees as tall as towers!

Suddenly she came to a stop,

As a noise could be heard from high above the crop.

Suzi peered through the grass,

Slowly she sneaked through the mass.

Shining brightly Suzi could see,

Three little mice dancing gracefully.

Behind the mice were rats and moles,

All of Suzi’s favourite friends, including little vole!

For hours Suzi searched for something good to eat,

But nothing could prepare her for such a glorious feast!

Sausage rolls and cheese on sticks…

Pickled onions and jam sandwiches…

Custard tarts and strawberry jelly,

All of these treats filled Suzi’s belly…

As hungry as Suzi had been all day,

She had one last thing to say…

“Thank you for my yummy cake,

but don’t be fooled for goodness sake,

for when my belly starts to rumble,

ill be searching for you in the jungle!”


Writers Block…


Today I find myself looking at my reflection only to discover bags under my eyes and unwashed hair beneath a baggy jumper and slippers…I must remember in future to perhaps use my ‘time’ to think to shower and sleep!

Perhaps then I’ll be refreshed and look upon the page with fresh eyes…(and breath)

Now where was I….

Thanksgiving is upon us…

This is a particularly special time of year I would say…the festive season has well and truly begun. I like to think of it as a time to reflect on previous events over the past year and turn your mind to learn from any mistakes as well as improve on things that perhaps went well.

It’s not necessarily easy to reflect on your own failings or accomplishments in an impartial way, but it’s extremely important to allow yourself that time to break down events in your mind and evaluate them. This not only helps your future self but aids in laying down previous grievances or situations that made you feel uncomfortable. This method also helps to avoid building up many years of dust, burdening and obstructing your way through the present and of course the future.

One festive holiday we sadly do not widely celebrate in this country is thanksgiving. Why, I do not know but I do know that despite our lack of a bank holiday it doesn’t prevent us from  spending time with our loved ones and thinking about those that cannot be with us on this special day. To me it’s an amazing opportunity to exchange words and gifts with meaning and thought, it’s a time to whisper those three little words and throw your arms around people you may never have the opportunity to do again.

It also gives us a chance to take a breath and look around before the mad rush to Christmas. It symbolises a time to express gratitude for not just the things these people may have done over the year but simply for being there. For being a good friend. A great mother. Or even an annoying brother :0)

I am not asking you to organise a family reunion or order a second turkey but simply take a little time out of your day this Thursday to give a friend a call and say thank you. Thank you for being there to answer the phone, hear my voice and perhaps think of a way, no matter how small, you can repay that kindness and express your appreciation.

So to all of my friends and family as well as friends I have yet to meet, a great big thank you from the bottom of my heart. I think about you all and my prayers are with you. Happy thanksgiving and may you have peace and happiness forever long. I love you all.

Your Life Depends on This…


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…There are many many variations on the meaning of life….yet do we really comprehend any of them? Do we really listen and hear the meaning of these philosophies, these undeniable truths? Yes life is too short. Too short. What do we interpret that to be? That we don’t have enough hours in the day to clean the house and tax the car….or perhaps to soak up the enormous beauty of life that our blessed senses have the miracle of experiencing….

I ask that you look upon the world with fresh eyes…do not mock the singer or song when you do not know the meaning of his tone or lyric…do not mock the junkie in A&E who was abused by his father after watching his mother die….do not mock the notion of religion or even science and technology come to that…for are they not both equally grand in meaning and creation?

We all have our individual preferences….we are not all compatible or agreeable but is it not right that we respect that incompatibility and conflict of opinion so that we may become wiser and grow as a person. It is right and only human to have negative feelings but it is about how we channel those feelings and react to the consequences of these actions…

Smile at your neighbour and someone else will smile back at you…whether you hold the door for a stranger or hold the arm of a friend…do so with great pride and dignity.

I promise you one thing in life…if you live it with poise, positively and proactively you will experience the greatness of life in return…open your mind to all that surrounds you. Visit the theatre…hey if you don’t like it, you tried it…visit the park, the lakes, the mountains, the ocean….

The more you open your mind, the greater the possibilities that become open to you in your life….embrace life and it will embrace you.

And that is why….whether I die in 20 years or 20 mins…I know I go with enormous fulfilment and serenity that although I didn’t see the many wonders of the world…I felt the colours and complexities of life with the simplest of principles…life is too short.

Do not be afraid to aim high above your potential…you will be pleasantly surprised

And remember we are all new to this…from 6 to 60…there are no second chances…

Don’t waste your life making someone else’s a misery…

The doctrine of your life…shapes all that surrounds you….