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Inspired by a previous post I wrote about my experiences on a retreat at a monastery in 2011, I decided to compose a piece of work in the form of poetry, that expressed the experience in relation to the philosopher Ernst Bloch, and the notions of trace-awakenings, and a journey towards the realms of utopia.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it 🙂 Feel free to post your thoughts in the comment section below…

And the overture arose with a voluptuous swell,

A harmonious chorus so sweet, so pure.

Yet the flames, they fell silent, the air so still,

Whilst the gales bring forth a rage, a roar.

Throw off the bowlines, sail against the tide,

March through the storm, to the beat of the drum.

Exposed in the elements, nowhere to hide,

As the waves crash down, soldiers will run.

But hush now, hush. For the war is over,

A symphony begins, the faint music of a dream.

The binds of sight are shaken to discover,

Beyond the barricade, into the dust lean.

No faith held in the cycles of hope,

Find, and you must, the sensation of song.

A journey neglect of reverb and you stoop,

Away from the grasp of music’s golden tongue.

The light glows dim, but the rhythm draws near,

An uncertain adagio, soon set to fly.

Anticipating darkness, in solitude and fear,

Peering down upon the earth, on a cliff so high.

The savageness of past, strikes a chord so queer,

Grant me the still of serenity I pray.

Wandering aimlessly, a direction unclear,

As the fog clears, a flame leads the way.

As tears stream, I plead you wash away the blood,

Reach out, and take me as I lay.

Away from the drone, protected from the flood,

A promise sincere, in every word I’ll stay.

I dream of bright lights, and peaceful song,

A glimmer of hope, of wonder, alas!

Step out of the darkness, yet seems so wrong,

Hearts wide open, fall of mass.

Storms shall pass, and an opera erupt,

Weights remain, yet the cracks appear.

Emotion in waves, mighty and abrupt,

A haven to hide, with nothing to fear.

A wash of inner peace, no longer simply being,

A birth, an awakening, an enlightened soul.

A burst of chorus, the shackles are freeing,

Sweep away the ashes, for I am home.