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Hi. If you don’t regularly follow me, or you are completely new to the idea of ‘blogging’ welcome to my blog and a great big thank you for taking the time to read this.

I don’t know what led you here. To this blog specifically. Maybe you were told about it. Perhaps I commented on your blog so you thought it only right to have a look at mine?

Whatever your reason, I’m very glad you came. You will find my blog very open and honest and inquisitive about you, me and the world we live in.

I’m not saying I hug trees in my spare time. They make me itch. What I am saying, is that I have learnt to open my mind to everything and everyone, from Politics to the Pope and this blog is my way of channeling that anxiety to express myself in this way, as well as help at least a handful of people to open their minds and become much more ‘allowable’, none judgemental and ultimately understand the direct and indirect consequences of doing this.

Going back to the basics of the blog. I do not expect the world to stop and immediately come and read and rejoice in my little voice. Absolutely not. I am very happy if my stats in the morning show an increase in followers or ‘views’ to my blog, yes, but what I want more is the quality of how my voice is portrayed to the reader rather than the quantity of readership.

I actually spend most of my time reading other blogs. Perhaps your blog? That is how I learn. I listen to others, I listen to you. I do not easily disregard an opinion, no matter how ludicrous it may sound on the surface. And I am always pleasantly surprised when my subconscious comes roaring at me with ‘I told you so’.

I write this blog, because I have something to say. I have a burning desire in me 24 hours a day to put into words what my tiny brain can no longer comprehend and share it with you. Others may not have that same strength of desire or ambition, you may not write your blog with the principle aim of educating or promoting anything specific at all really. You may have simply found an outlet to help you cope with obstacles in life, or put your comedy show at the local pub to some greater use online.

Whatever your reasons, I applaud you. I love to write, but more so I love to read. I love to read what you have to say and in turn how others react to that. We all have a voice, so let’s hear it.