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Following on from my previous post on ‘Aspirations’, I wanted to share my thoughts on the notion of ‘Respectful Differences’.

It is widely known, that many of us have strong opinions on what we believe to be ‘right’. Whether it is aspirations of career, social activities or even political preferences and religion. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. If you have a passion for anything at all, and it makes you happy then by all means, follow those aspirations wholeheartedly.

But. Consider the fact that as individuals, what suits one person is unlikely to suit another. Our personalities are unique; moulded from environmental factors, nature versus nurture but most of all our experiences in life. Our environment lays the foundation for the person we evolve from, but our experiences determine our views and opinions in life, and in turn how we act or react as the case may be, to our day to day encounters.

From this it could be said that our central doctrine of life would change and evolve over time, and so it should. And furthermore we should use these experiences to educate our descendant generations. However do not be fooled that you can ‘prevent’ them from making the same mistakes as you did, for this is a lifelong misconception. Instead, we should educate them in ‘preparation’ for mistakes or problematic encounters, and rather help them to deal with them better than you or I.

Finally, remember that it is not a failing of others to have an alternative opinion on any particular subject. If you are fortunate enough to have a clear understanding of your morals and values in life, then that is a blessing, whatever those are.

So two things lead from this; the ability to help others reach an ‘enlightened’ stage of their life, and the ability to listen carefully to the words of others and be open to their views as much as you hope they would be open to yours.

A purely altruistic approach to life, I believe, is the key to pure fulfilment.