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Finally! I’ve miraculously found a little time to update you on recent thoughts and events. (Although admittedly it’s midnight) :0/ So firstly, a thousand apologies…

More recently I’ve been contemplating the capabilities and aspirations of many people around me. I meet so many people from varying backgrounds, and sadly most of the time it appears that they are not reaching the height of their capabilities, or more importantly having aspirations to do so.

I strongly believe that whoever you are, regardless of how intelligent you may be or how talented, should strive to be the best that you are capable of being.

From academia and building on skills, to general mannerisms and a regard for those around you; by making a point of aspiring to be the best that you can be in that area will not only give you greater fulfilment, but boost your confidence, assertiveness and in turn make life much brighter and alleviate a worryingly increased chance of depression.

For example, simply smiling at a passing stranger can often be infectious, leading to a smiling nation or so I hope. Using the same principle, the effects are mammoth on those around us when making a bigger effort to achieve more. Whether you help someone with their shopping or go back to college to retrain; it all has a positive effect on those around us in some way. And obviously the bigger effort you make in everyday life has a much bigger impact on others.

So consider spending a little time reflecting on your aspirations or goals in life, and don’t waste any more time pondering, get out there and do it! Be brave, you really have nothing to lose.