Slithering slowly through the field,

Suzi snake searched for her meal.

Cold and dark with sad little eyes,

She didn’t know of her surprise.

Today was Sunday, September the 6th,

Suzi’s friends had granted her wish.

She slid through the trees, low to the ground,

But Oh! Oh! Oh! What had Suzi found?

A small furry mouse had climbed through a hole,

But Suzi was too slow, so she searched for a mole.

She carried on for hours and hours,

Slipping through trees as tall as towers!

Suddenly she came to a stop,

As a noise could be heard from high above the crop.

Suzi peered through the grass,

Slowly she sneaked through the mass.

Shining brightly Suzi could see,

Three little mice dancing gracefully.

Behind the mice were rats and moles,

All of Suzi’s favourite friends, including little vole!

For hours Suzi searched for something good to eat,

But nothing could prepare her for such a glorious feast!

Sausage rolls and cheese on sticks…

Pickled onions and jam sandwiches…

Custard tarts and strawberry jelly,

All of these treats filled Suzi’s belly…

As hungry as Suzi had been all day,

She had one last thing to say…

“Thank you for my yummy cake,

but don’t be fooled for goodness sake,

for when my belly starts to rumble,

ill be searching for you in the jungle!”