This is a particularly special time of year I would say…the festive season has well and truly begun. I like to think of it as a time to reflect on previous events over the past year and turn your mind to learn from any mistakes as well as improve on things that perhaps went well.

It’s not necessarily easy to reflect on your own failings or accomplishments in an impartial way, but it’s extremely important to allow yourself that time to break down events in your mind and evaluate them. This not only helps your future self but aids in laying down previous grievances or situations that made you feel uncomfortable. This method also helps to avoid building up many years of dust, burdening and obstructing your way through the present and of course the future.

One festive holiday we sadly do not widely celebrate in this country is thanksgiving. Why, I do not know but I do know that despite our lack of a bank holiday it doesn’t prevent us from ¬†spending time with our loved ones and thinking about those that cannot be with us on this special day. To me it’s an amazing opportunity to exchange words and gifts with meaning and thought, it’s a time to whisper those three little words and throw your arms around people you may never have the opportunity to do again.

It also gives us a chance to take a breath and look around before the mad rush to Christmas. It symbolises a time to express gratitude for not just the things these people may have done over the year but simply for being there. For being a good friend. A great mother. Or even an annoying brother :0)

I am not asking you to organise a family reunion or order a second turkey but simply take a little time out of your day this Thursday to give a friend a call and say thank you. Thank you for being there to answer the phone, hear my voice and perhaps think of a way, no matter how small, you can repay that kindness and express your appreciation.

So to all of my friends and family as well as friends I have yet to meet, a great big thank you from the bottom of my heart. I think about you all and my prayers are with you. Happy thanksgiving and may you have peace and happiness forever long. I love you all.